Watch As @EscoMoeCity, @1Future & @myfabolouslife Hit Up NYC in “Check On Me” Video

Dj Esco’s The ‘Project E.T.: Esco Terrestrial’ single gets an Eif Rivera-directed visual.
DJ Esco has unleashed a new music video for his Project E.T.: Esco Terrestrial single, “Check On Me.”

Directed by Eif Rivera, featured artists Future and Fabolous join the coolest DJ in the world in New York City.

The clip finds the Freebandz general counting stacks in a penthouse while Esco gets lit in the NYC streets.

They eventually link up with Brooklyn native Fabolous at the strip club to celebrate their success.

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Watch The Full Magic City Documentary Featuring Future ( @1Future ) & DJ Esco ( @EscoMoeCity )

Watch GQ’s “Inside The Strip Club That Runs Hip Hop” documentary on Atlanta’s Magic City.

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When you think of Atlanta a few things come to mind: trap music, strip clubs and Future. “Magic City” the documentary has all that and then some. Magic City has been breaking artist and hit songs for decades creating  a music mecca in Atlanta, GA .  Super duo Future and Dj Esco star in the documentary which was  directed by Lauren Greenfield and brought to you by GQ. The 20 minute film gives an inside look of the historic strip club from the perspectives of everyone involved from the dancers to the man who washes the cars , even Future and Dj Esco themselves. Check out what happens inside “Magic City ” right here. 

Future ( @1Future ) Talks Breaking Records At Magic City Strip Club

Future is interviewed in the trailer for GQ’s upcoming documentary on Magic City.


If you listen to a lot of rap from Atlanta, you’ll know that the strip club is a common topic in many of the hits that com out of the region. However, the link between rappers and strip clubs goes a lot further than just an infatuation– the strip club is actually the first step to getting your record heard in the ATL.

Magic City is one of the most well-known strip clubs in the area, and a new GQ documentary will be looking into the process of how DJs break records within the establishment. A new trailer for the doc interviews various DJs, dancers, and the proclaimed king of Magic City, Future Hendrix.