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At only 22 years old, Metro Boomin is the hottest producer in the rap game. Coming off the success of overseeing two #1 albums, Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive and Future’s DS2, the St. Louis producer speaks on being on Chance The Rapper’s Family Matter tour, working with Travis Scott and Young Thug, and how he’s adjusting to fame and success. Subscribe on iTunes here.

Future ( @1Future ) Talks Breaking Records At Magic City Strip Club

Future is interviewed in the trailer for GQ’s upcoming documentary on Magic City.


If you listen to a lot of rap from Atlanta, you’ll know that the strip club is a common topic in many of the hits that com out of the region. However, the link between rappers and strip clubs goes a lot further than just an infatuation– the strip club is actually the first step to getting your record heard in the ATL.

Magic City is one of the most well-known strip clubs in the area, and a new GQ documentary will be looking into the process of how DJs break records within the establishment. A new trailer for the doc interviews various DJs, dancers, and the proclaimed king of Magic City, Future Hendrix.